3CX Hosted Extension Setup Guide | UKHost4u

We have found that some customers have had issues with Phone Provisioning using 3CX on the Hosted Multi-Tennant version. As such this guide is designed to help.

First of all lets go over the extension setup for the Yelling phones, I am using a Yelling T48 and what I needed to do under the extensions -> Phone Provisioning tab with the following (attached screenshot 1).


The importing settings here are as follows:

1) You need to add the MAC address of the phone your going to provision.

2) Its very important that the Select Provisioning Method is set to: Remote Extension (STUN)

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Server Move (cherry.ukhost4u.com)

As part of our commitment to improving reliability and performance for our customers, we are about to begin migrating accounts on our shared hosting server cherry.ukhost4u.com to a brand new more powerful server.

Customers on this server may have noticed less than ideal performance and reliability recently and it is for this reason we have decided to move everyone to upgraded hardware.

We only anticipate minor interruption to service while this migration takes place but as it involves a change of IP address there are several things to be aware of.

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3CX Hosted Phone System Review | UKHost4u

3CX Hosted PBX for the Cloud: What you want from a phone system.

3cx new deals-01

UKHost4u has set the trend of pioneering innovation in the telephony and network services space for over two decades now. With the adoption of 3CX, they are offering a very robust, cloud-based solution that is a dream come true for anyone familiar with the difficulties and costs of deployment and management of modern phone systems. This new system falls in line with ukhost4u’s philosophy of continuous improvement and adoption of the latest emerging technologies.

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