The Most Flexible Services on the Market Today

The internet is a beautiful and diverse mechanism. People use it for a multitude of purposes; some just want to share their thoughts about the world and start a blog whilst others are looking to expand their business and start an e-commerce website. The number of reasons why someone would want a website is almost infinite.

Because of this diversity in internet usage we decided to become a very flexible company. We’ve crafted different hosting packages so that each user can obtain the kind of service they need at an affordable price. On top of that, we’ve made sure everyone has the right tools to customise and create the website of their dreams.

In order to help you build the perfect website we’ve incorporated a number of applications into our hosting packages. If you need a robust content management service, we have WordPress, Joombla and Drupal at your disposal. When analytics are the main concern, apps like Webalizer and WMstats will help you keep track of all the important metrics you require. They’ll also present this information in a way that’s easy to read and pleasant to look at.

If you want to start a database, MySQL will be there for you; some of our packages offer not one, but unlimited databases. Linux features like Custom Error Pages, Crontab, IP Address Blocking, Ruby, ImageMagick and GD are also easily available, so you can expand the front end and back end of your website as you see fit.

All of this is just a small sample of what we have to offer. We support over one hundred different applications for your website, so you’ll always have the tool you need at hand. All of these tools and applications are easily accessible from your control panel, so you can start using them today.

Because we understand the importance of security, malware and virus protection are standard in all of our packages. When combined with our website building tools this creates a great looking website that is also very secure.

From security to customisation, we’ve got you covered. We are flexible, to help you obtain the exact service you want, from VPS to dedicated servers. If you can think of it, we’ll help you build it and host it.

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The Benefits of IPMI 2.0

We are really happy with our new server acquisitions and we’d like to share a bit more with you about their benefits. Our new top of the line hardware will allow us to be on the cutting edge of hosting and provide the best service possible.

One of your new tools is IPMI 2.0, a new firmware that’s implemented in our new servers: It allows us to control and monitor almost every aspect of them at all times. We keep cool because we can remotely control the fans and temperature of our servers. We can also take care of CPU status, processor errors and other system events with relative ease. Thanks to this new technology, if anything happens we can take care of it, regardless of our location.

Of course, nothing should ever go wrong, and that’s another area where this new firmware comes in handy. With our increased monitoring capabilities we can keep a closer eye on our equipment and act before something actually happens. After all, prevention is the best form of maintenance. Plus, better monitoring, better metrics and better control of the servers makes everything more reliable.

Not everything is about performance; security is also a big deal. In conjunction with other technologies, IPIM 2.0 allows us to increase our servers’ security, giving us more ways to protect your data and the data of your clients.

Then, there’s scalability. A network running this kind of software is highly flexible and can easily scale from having tens of servers to thousands of servers. This gives us the ability to grow your servers as you grow your business.

Our constant desire to innovate and update our server infrastructure comes from our passion to serve our clients. Your business is important to you, and your website or dedicated server are a part of it. We are going to do everything in our power to keep it running and improve upon it.

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Service Update: Cable Replacement

We have detected a fault with the cable connecting up one of our switches. As such this cable is going to be replaced shortly with a new cable so that service is not effected during business hours.

This will effect people within the IP range: and

We do not expect this to take longer than 5 minutes to swap but in case of issues we are allowing 30 minutes.

The emergency maintenance will take place from: 8pm GMT.

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Our Tech is your Tech

As you may have heard, our business has been growing. We recently purchased a new batch of top of the line servers. Why did we purchase them? The answer is simple; we purchased them for the sake of our clients and for the sake of your clients as well. Because we care about our customers, we’re using hardware that gets perfect scores from third party reviewers.

These new servers are available as dedicated servers that you can employ for your business. You won’t be sharing the hardware with anyone. All of the processing power and storage capabilities will be for your business only.

What does this mean? Well, it means that your website is going to be faster, both when loading and downloading files from it. In most cases, a faster loading website means visitors will spend more time on it. Load speed is crucial when it comes to crafting a solid user experience. The same goes for downloading; if you or your customer needs to get a file from our servers, you can be sure you’ll be getting it at the fastest speed possible.

Then comes flexibility. The architecture behind this new gear allows us to update them with ease and adapt them to the needs of your business. We now have an even larger range of applications that we can deploy on your server, so you always have the required tools and IT solutions you require.

On top of having some great new gear, we have our team of well-prepared engineers to keep your server in top form. Our tech is your tech, and we are really happy to share these new Microcloud servers with all of you.

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Dedicated Servers: Ready for Anything

It is our duty at UKhost4U to make sure that your website is online and ready to go at all times. This is why we recently acquired a series of Microcloud servers. They are faster, more powerful and of course, more reliable.

The best thing about these servers is that they allow us to do “hot swapping”, which means can change components on the equipment itself without having to take it offline. Flexibility is one of the most important things to us, because every business is different. We need to be able to provide you with hosting that allows us to satisfy all of your needs; with our new servers it just became much easier.

We can increase the capacity or add a peripheral to your server without any interruption to your service. When something is acting a little strange or not quite working correction on the average personal computer, restarting the machine is the first step. But, this means you have to turn off the machine, if only for a few seconds. With these new servers we never have to restart and we never have to be offline; we can take care of everything as it happens.

To add to this, these servers are ready for everything. We can never predict the future so it is always good to be prepared. Our new hardware has a series of redundancies and safety measures built in to make sure that they are always online. In case of a power failure, we have batteries to keep them on until electricity is restored. The same goes for parts and components; if something fails there will always be a backup ready to take care of the tasks at hand.

Visit our Dedicated Servers page and consider getting a one of these Microcloud servers – your website will never be caught off guard!

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