Waking up From the Storage Nightmare

Data is an integral part of any business strategy. Having customer and sales data allows a company to make more informed decisions. Media assets are crucial for all companies at this point, from high resolution images to posts on social media to creating videos for your Youtube channel. All of these things are highly useful but they do take up quite a bit of space.

There was a time when storage of data, media assets and many other things was a nightmare. It was very easy to accumulate spindles of CD-Rs or fill up an entire cabinet with hard drives, and physical media has never been completely reliable. A simple leak in your roof can ruin a stack of hard drives; magnets are a big risk and sometimes things just stop working from wear and tear caused by normal use.

The cloud has changed not only the way we store media, but also the way we access our media, creating a friendlier and more secure solution than physical storage could ever hope to be. There was a time when in order to watch a film you had to climb a mountain of VHS tapes or maybe drive to a physical location to get the tape you wanted. You then had to rewind it and deal with scratches on the actual tape that would show up on the picture and many other hassles of the physical era. These days you can have access to thousands of movies without leaving the comfort of your own bed.

When it comes to business, the same applies. The cloud has changed the way storage operates, eliminating the need to use any kind of physical media to store valuable information. A good cloud server provider can provide you with a server to store anything your business requires. They can guarantee it will be available whenever you want, from any location or device you’re using at that particular time.

Of course the amount of data you need to store varies depending on the kind of business you have. For a film studio it’s easy to rack up terabytes worth of video in just a few days, but for a small retail outlet a gigabyte may be more than enough. If you decide to move your business into the cloud, you need to find a provider that offers a variety of packages and that can adjust to your particular needs. For example, Ukhost4u offers a variety of packages with different storage amounts that go from a few gigs to unlimited storage. Flexibility is very important; every business is different after all.

Then there is the largest advantage of cloud storage: safety. Aside from protection from viruses and other internet pests, you can be sure that your data is protected from the elements, theft and all the other risks that come with physical media. A good cloud has backups, batteries and many safety measures to ensure the integrity of all your data and information.

If data or media are the lifeblood of your business, the cloud can help you expand and eliminate the related hassles. Storage has never been simpler.

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Why Linux? A Look into our Server Architecture

Recently we were asked about our infrastructure and servers. Several people were wondering why UKHost4u uses Linux servers instead of Windows- based architecture. The answer is quite simple; we use Linux servers because we want the best possible service for our clients.

How do we guarantee that your website is always up with minimal or no downtime? Linux servers are known for their stability; in fact most of them never see a crash. Linux servers are reliable and allow us to give you reliable service.

Plus, there’s the security issue. Linux allows us to determine who runs our servers and who has access to your data; we are in control. The environment we designed allows us to protect your information from any hackers. Also, the open source nature of Linux allows us to quickly react to viruses. Anyone can contribute to Linux, so there are literally millions of dedicated users working on fixing bugs and viruses. Linux is a community and we all help each other in order to keep our gear secure.

Hardware was also a deciding factor for us. Linux hardware can easily be reconfigured to adapt as the business grows. If your hosting needs suddenly increase, we have the tools to handle that growth quickly and effectively.

Perhaps most importantly, a Linux server allows us freedom and flexibility. With other companies you are locked into certain applications and uses. Linux is open ended and you can modify it to fit your needs. In our case, we modify each server to adjust to the needs of our clients. We value flexibility in our infrastructure because it allows us to give you flexibility in your web hosting. Every specific website has specific requirements and we chose the hardware that allows us to best satisfy those requirements.

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Secure and Certified

Over the past few years many companies’ security has been compromised; passwords and data (both encrypted and not) have fallen into the hands of people that shouldn’t have access to the information. We knew we didn’t want this to happen to our clients so we decided to take action.

UKhost4u was built with security in mind. We didn’t want our clients getting odd spam emails nor viruses on their computers. We wanted to them to know that their website was safe and secure, not only for them but for the people who visit it as well.

When we finally had our servers set up we were confident that they were ready, but in order to ensure the security of your data we decided to go a bit further. We went to McAfee, the world’s largest dedicated security company and requested their assistance. They confirmed our hypothesis; our hosting services were secure and data was protected. Of course, this wasn’t just a one-time deal because new viruses and security risks appear every day. That is why we have the security of our services certified EVERY DAY. Look to the upper right of our website and you’ll see our certification from McAfee. We all sleep easier knowing that our information is protected.

When you host your site with us, you can be sure that no malware, dodgy redirections or anything that could make for a bad user experience will happen with your website.

In the end, it’s all about the user experience; the experience of those people that host their site with us, and the experience of the people that visit their websites. If all parties involved know that their experience is going to be secure then the internet becomes a better place for anyone. And better internet is part of our mission.

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Keeping it Local

“UK” is in our name and in everything we do.

When we started UKHost4u we decided to keep everything in the UK, because we knew this would make for a better customer experience. When it comes to customer service outsourcing to a different country could possibly be cheaper for us but it wouldn’t be the best for our customers. We wanted our phone agents to be people that understood the lifestyle, background, needs and everything involved with living and doing business in the UK.

Plus, there’s also a bit of social conscience involved as well as we are creating jobs for local residents.

When we started, it made sense to keep it local and years later, it still does.  Over the years our UK customer support has done an outstanding job, resulting in many happy and satisfied clients. Our clients deserve the best, so we hire the best. It is really that simple- if you ever need to speak to one of our gents please feel free to phone. They are happy to help with anything you need. Just give us a call or send us an email.

While we are on the subject of customer support, we’d like to thank all of our agents. We appreciate them for always going the extra mile and making sure people get the best out of their service. We’ve built a great team to work with our equally great clients, and we’ve built it all in the UK. This is something to be proud of.

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Hosting Packages: It’s All About Business

We all remember a time when “business” was associated with a shop front or an office. In order to have any kind of business you needed a physical space. Then along came the concept of “online” and business acquired a virtual side of things as well. Now, there’s even the possibility of running a business with hardly any physical components at all.

Amazon has warehouses and corporate offices, but this, the biggest shop in the world, doesn’t even have a physical shop front. Mind blowing isn’t it? And we are not at the end of the line; we may never be at the end. Online business is likely to keep growing, evolving and innovating…probably until the end of time.

Then there is the fact that there is no such thing as two identical businesses. Some are big, some are small, they all sell different kinds of goods and/or services and they all have different needs. We took all of these variables into account when building our business hosting package, and so far, we think we did quite well.

We had so many choices to make during the design and implementation phase of our business hosting package but we found the simplest answer was the best for all our questions. And because we don’t want to put a glass ceiling on your business growth, adding limits was not part of the equation.

How many email addresses should we offer with the package? We don’t know if the business has two or 2,000 employees so we offer unlimited email accounts.

What else should be unlimited? Well, practically everything. We offer you unlimited storage so if your business grows from a small shop to a huge global corporation in a year, we can scale with you. We don’t know how much data transfer you will need so we made that unlimited as well. The same goes for customer support, databases and scripts.

On top of all of that, we made it affordable. Why did UKHost4u do all of this? Because we want to see your business online and we want to see it grow and succeed.

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