The Tools to Make Data Driven Decisions

Needless to say, Ukhost4u would not exist without the internet. Our passion for this online medium was what motivated us to found our company.

However, we also have a deep appreciation for data. The more information we have about how our customers perceive our services and what they want, the more informed our choices can be. Being data driven allows us to be customer driven and grow in the right direction to satisfy your business needs.

In the modern hyper connected age, data is the lifeblood of a business; it allows you to understand what’s working and what’s not with precision. From there you can formulate a comprehensive strategy and forecast every aspect of your business.

Obtaining and compiling data used to be very problematic. To this day many companies still run surveys and other more traditional methods, but these have a margin of error and can be easily manipulated.

Hard facts only come from proper analytics and we can help you get those numbers. Once you have your dedicated server or Cloud VPS you have access to some very effective analytics apps.

AWstats and Webalizer are just two of the potential tools we offer to help you get the most out of your website. They track everything you’ll ever need to monitor; how many visits you are receiving, from which parts of the world, how long these visits lasts and even how many of them are not visitors at all but automated robots.

There is no such thing as too much data, however there is such a thing as a “good presentation”. This is why these tools have a graphical interface so you can easily read the data, interpret it and use it to formulate your next business decision.

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SSD to Improve Website Performance

Here at UKhost4u we are always looking at the cutting edge of technology and how to incorporate it into our services. Why? -To bring you top of the line gear so you can build a top of the line website.

You may have noticed the term “SSD” is our enterprise hosting, cloud virtual servers and dedicated server pages. This stands for “Solid State Drive” and it is a technology that’s changing the way we look at storage and performance.

A normal server has a regular hard drive; the drive has a spinning disk and a read/write head. It is a very traditional hardware design. Floppy disks were created with the same basic principle back in the day. However, a spinning disk needs time to speed up, and because it has more moving parts, the chances of something breaking are greater.

Solid State Drives do not have any moving parts; they run entirely on integrated circuitry. The lack of a spinning disk also means they perform faster, as nothing needs to get “warmed up” before it gets going- it just goes.

For example, if your home machine currently has a normal hard drive, and you changed it to a solid state drive, you’d notice the change instantly. The computer would boot in a minute or less and everything would run exponentially faster and better, because retrieving data is a much easier task for integrated circuitry than for a spinning disk.

This is what we want for your website. If you decide to use any of our services that incorporate SSD technology you’ll instantly notice how your page is faster and more responsive.

Making SSD technology available to our clients was an easy choice. Quite simply it is the kind of tech that offers the best performance.

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Increased Control with cPanel

Flexibility is one of the key components of our services. Every client has different needs; every business requires different tools. Because of this we want to give you full control of your dedicated server and your web hosting so you can adjust it to suit your business and your clients and really take advantage of all it has to offer.

The desire to increase control is why we have a partnership with cPanel, the leading control panel application when it comes to hosting. Out of the box cPanel is pretty impressive, allowing you to automate tasks, create email accounts, implement video into your website and manage backups. Of course, you don’t need to be a programming wizard to get all of this stuff don; one of the things that makes this a great control panel is the simple, intuitive and easy to use graphical interface it provides. Everything is just a couple of clicks away.

Another reason why we chose to start this partnership is how modular cPanel is. You can install different apps to obtain even more services. If you want to stream live audio and create a live podcast for your website you can install an app for that and do it easily. If you decide to implement databases into your site, you can access and manage them from your control panel. No matter what you need everything is accessible from one place and presented to you in a friendly way.

As a hosting provider our mission goes beyond providing good hosting and making sure your website is always up. Part of our mission at Ukhost4u is making sure you have the best tools at your disposal. This helps you build the website of your dreams, expand the online presence of your business or even give life to that personal project you’ve always had in mind. With cPanel we can help you accomplish that and much more.

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Improved Security with SSH and RDP

Information security is a topic that is always on our minds. As a web hosting service it is our duty to give you easy access to your server and your data, whilst keeping all of your information secure and away from prying eyes,

In order to accomplish both of these objectives we have incorporated remote access to our dedicated servers. This means that you can access your dedicated server from anywhere at any time and this comes with an added layer of security; you can never be too careful.

We have two different technologies for remote access; one is SSH (Secure Shell). It creates an encryption every time you log into your server, and it is never the same. It also validates the integrity of your data, making sure that it hasn’t been tampered with and that everything you have on the server is exactly what you want to be there. Finally, it validates your identity and the identity of the server to make sure that the right person is accessing the right place.

The other tool for remote access is the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), a tool created by Microsoft. It is very easy to use due to its graphical interface. This protocol was also designed to encrypt your data to keep it from falling into the wrong hands, and allows you to access your server anytime and anywhere in a secure fashion.

Redirection is one of the biggest advantages of RDP as it allows you to redirect sound, files, printing and other functionalities from one remote machine to another and manage your files in the easiest way possible.

Both SSH and RDP come with an added bonus: peace of mind. You can be sure that you’ll be able right people.

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When Should I Upgrade to a Dedicated Server?

Most websites on the internet run on shared hosting. It’s a great place to start, but there will come a time when an upgrade to a dedicated server is required. When deciding if it’s time to upgrade there’s one keyword you should keep in mind: resources.

Are the resources that I have with my current hosting plan enough for my website? If you’re hosting a website that’s just text based then shared hosting should be enough. However, if you’ve decided to start employing high definition video, then you may want to upgrade to a new server.

There’s something to be said about traffic as well. Perhaps your current VPS hosting is enough to handle the amount of traffic you are receiving on a daily basis, but if you want to increase the number of visitors to your site then you might want to consider an upgrade. If a website on shared hosting gets too much traffic, there’s a good possibility that the performance and user experience of the page could decrease, and that’s a metric we can’t allow to go down if we want to keep those traffic figures up.

E-commerce is another reason to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan. VPS works well for a smaller shop, but if the amount of products you are selling increases every day, you may need an e-commerce platform that requires more resources than your VPS hosting can provide.

Finally, there is security. A dedicated server provides you with a much more secure solution. If you have large amounts of sensitive customer data (personal information, credit card numbers, etc.) then it’s time to consider a dedicated server solution. It will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that this data is protected.

Does your company require the resources that dedicated hosting can provide? Upgrade now!

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