What is Reseller Hosting?

There are many sides to the world of web hosting. You can use a VPS or a dedicated server to host your own website or use shared hosting for a simple blog or a site that doesn’t require too many resources. And for those with a more entrepreneurial spirit, there’s reseller hosting.

Reseller hosting means that you have one server with many partitions, all with their very own server environment, control panel and applications. This allows you to be the server admin for not one, but various websites at the same time. It opens up a myriad of possibilities.

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LPG Bentley: Our New Adventure

At UKHost4u we are always exploring new technologies in order to be on the cutting edge of all types of innovation; from web hosting to automobiles. We are also concerned about the environment, seeking new ways to diminish our carbon footprint. These were the factors that drove our founder Paul Hughes to convert his Bentley GT 6.0L Continental W12 Twin Turbo’s fueling system to Liquefied Petroleum Gas.

Why convert a Bentley to LPG? First off it is more environmentally friendly, however it is also more efficient and cost effective. These are two attributes at the forefront of our minds in all of our endeavours.

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UKHost4u Joins SpamExperts Hosting Partner Program

Amsterdam, April 6th, 2015 – British webhost, UKHost4U, has implemented SpamExperts professional incoming and outgoing filtering solutions in the Local Cloud, deployed on its own infrastructure. Previously, UKHost4U had considerable issues with outgoing spam. Due to the hacked scripts and compromised accounts, their servers would often get blacklisted.

Outlining the new partnership, Paul Hughes, UKHost4U Manager, says “We are very happy to recommend SpamExperts to everyone; it has alone reduced work load here at UKHost4U and has also allowed better management of all aspects of email delivery. The product is very easy to use and fully integrates with our shared hosting making for a good add-on to our customer base. We have removed server load and also reduced email processing considerably, which is great news!”

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How Does a Dedicated Server Work?

We’ve mentioned in the past how a dedicated server is the best option for a business when it comes to web hosting. If you are a manager or business owner, your company’s IT needs should always be foremost in your mind. The reason why a dedicated server is best for your business is simple: other hosting options have you sharing a server with other companies, but a dedicated server is all yours.

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Web Hosting & Mobile: The New Power Couple

It is well documented that a large portion of the market uses the internet from their smartphones or tablets. Having a mobile website has long been an unofficial requirement, however new information tells us that not being mobile friendly may mean people will not be able to find you.

Google is constantly changing the way it indexes and ranks website. All signs point to the fact that someone is browsing on a mobile device and your site is not mobile friendly, it may simply not appear; or appear below a competitor.

How do you make a site mobile friendly?

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