What is Joombla?

Your content management system is the heart of your site. It is what’s going to allow you to put a new product for sale, start your blog and reply to customer feedback. It is essential to every business and the choice is not always an easy one. There are plenty of choices for a CMS out there, and Joombla is a relative newcomer on the scene. Its first appearance was about ten years ago, however it has many unique features to offer that can simplify your life and enhance the experience of your users.

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The Joys of Centralisation – Dedicated Servers

Your average business has its IT services split among a number of different companies and providers. For cloud storage you may have a Dropbox account, and email is most likely provided by Microsoft or Google, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Whilst third party services do the job in the beginning, once your business grows, it is important to take matters into your own hands and centralise your IT needs.

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Front to Back: A Complete User Experience

“User experience”, or UX for short, is one of those terms that have become buzzwords in the world of web design and development. Its meaning is complex because it varies from site to site and even from person to person. The basics are simple: a good user experience is when your website has an intuitive and easy-to-use design. A general rule in the field is that “A good user experience is like a joke; if you have to explain it, it doesn’t work”. How do you create a good user experience?

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Building Web Hosting Into your Business Strategy

In today’s modern and hyper-connected world, a solid IT strategy can be the difference between a successful business venture, and one that did not live up to its potential. Spring is here, and with it comes a new fiscal year and a new budgeting cycle. This is the time to think about how technology can help your satisfy business needs, optimise processes and create new opportunities to increase margins for better cash flow.

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Why You Need the Best Web Hosting

A common mistake among business owners is being concerned over the design and feel of their site, but completely ignoring where the site will be hosted.

Web Hosting is the home of your company on the internet. If the hosting is not up to snuff, even the most beautifully designed website is not going to shine. With proper hosting it can look and feel better than you even imagined.

A good hosting provider must have a service level agreement and guarantee as much uptime as possible. If your site goes down you will lose revenue.

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