Web Hosting & Mobile: The New Power Couple

It is well documented that a large portion of the market uses the internet from their smartphones or tablets. Having a mobile website has long been an unofficial requirement, however new information tells us that not being mobile friendly may mean people will not be able to find you.

Google is constantly changing the way it indexes and ranks website. All signs point to the fact that someone is browsing on a mobile device and your site is not mobile friendly, it may simply not appear; or appear below a competitor.

How do you make a site mobile friendly?

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The Importance of a British Domain Name

The internet has evolved a great deal since its inception. As time passes, it is important to carve yourself a space in the vast worldwide web that is just for you. This starts with your domain name.

The classic “.com” was originally created to represent a website with an international audience.  However, if you decide to go to for the British alternatives “.co.uk” or simply “.uk” you are targeting a local audience. This can help your potential clients find you with ease.

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Multiple Data Centres for Web Hosting

Performance is crucial when it comes to web hosting. Your website must load quickly and work efficiently. Software and hardware play a huge part in performance, but you also have larger issues such as the laws of physics to take into account.

Location matters when it comes to web hosting. The longer the distance a data packet has to travel, the slower the response will be. This affects performance. You can have the best equipment on the market but distance remains a universal truth – humans have not yet figured out how to make data travel faster than light!

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CentOS: A Business Community for your Server

The reason why so many people like to use Linux servers is because of their flexibility. Because anyone can add to Linux, there are many variations for your operating system needs.

One of the more popular variations among IT professionals and server administrator is CentOS (short for Community Enterprise Operating System). You can have it on either your VPS or dedicated server.

But why use CentOS over Windows or other Linux variations? Well, if you use windows you have to pay for a licence, but CentOS is entirely free. You can download it any time, or even install it from the cloud itself.

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Website Building Tools: The Importance of Cookies

If you’re browsing the internet from the United Kingdom then you have probably seen alerts warning you about “cookies”. Clearly, they are not talking about baked goods. So what is a cookie and why do you have to authorise it?

To put it simply, a cookie is a file a website installs in your computer in order to store your user preferences and other personalised settings you might need. The reason why you need to authorise them is because according to EU law all websites require your permission to retrieve any kind of data from your computer. It is a matter of security and it is making the internet a better place.

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